BenDeLaCreme from RuPaul’s Drag Race visits Death Pool

BenDeLaCreme from RuPaul’s Drag Race visits Death Pool

Not even an hour ago, BenDeLaCreme uploaded this photo to her instagram account captioning it “I refuse to provide any context for this image, #justwait“.



Update: As of 1:17PM Pacific, BenDeLaCreme has deleted all online references to her visit to the Mirage dolphin habitat. 

Who is BenDeLaCreme? She is a drag performer from Seattle known for coming in 5th place and winning Miss Congeniality on the 6th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

It breaks our heart every time we see a celebrity visit this hotel and give publicity to the habitat through their social media accounts. The dolphins don’t have any shade to protect them from the heat in the summer, they display multiple forms of stereotypical behaviors, not to mention they suffer from the pox virus. 2 of these dolphins (Duchess, Lightning) were taken from their families in the wild. 3 of the dolphins (Sophie, Beetle, Osbourne) were sent from Seaworld on a breeding loan. It was after the first arrival of Seaworld dolphins in 2010 that the pox virus showed up.

We would like to take this time to reach out to BenDeLaCreme on her social media accounts.It is extremely important that when we attempt to educate people on the choices they have made involving dolphin captivity to stay polite. It is possible that Dela (or someone else) has no knowledge of dolphins and their natural needs. People are more receptive to what you have to say when you are not screaming at them. I have witnessed people leaving nasty comments, and it does not show the cause in a good light. Treat people with respect, the same way you would like the dolphins to be treated. We have provided a simple tweet list below, but may also copy the messages to her other accounts.

How to Contact BenDeLaCreme-  

Tweetsheet for BenDeLaCreme-
  • .@BenDeLaCreme take the pledge at Dolphins are sentient beings & #CaptivityKills  (Tweet This!)
  • .@BenDeLaCreme join @VegasDolphins for a protest Saturday 3-5pm outside @TheMirageLV & learn about #MojaveDolphins (Tweet This!)
  • .@BenDeLaCreme Did U notice Maverick covered in #PoxVirus? #MojaveDolphins suffering for 4 years w/ #DolphinPox (Tweet This!)
  • .@BenDeLaCreme watch this video about #MojaveDolphins they are being driven insane, displaying stereotypical behaviors. (Tweet This!)
  • .@BenDeLaCreme #MojaveDolphins on the news recently. The dolphins deserve more. Check it out (Tweet This!)
  • .@BenDeLaCreme look into the eye of Maverick. He has #dolphinpox. #MojaveDolphins.Com has more info! Plz help us. (Tweet This!)
  • .@BenDeLaCreme listen to @RichardOBarry talk about #MojaveDolphins on Vegas news. Plz become an advocate for dolphins. (Tweet This!)
  • .@BenDeLaCreme Were working hard 2 educate public about horrors of dolphin captivity, will you join us? #MojaveDolphins (Tweet This!)
  • .@BenDeLaCreme #MojaveDolphins live barren & unnatural lives in captivity. Dolphins smile = natures great deception. (Tweet This!)
  • .@BenDeLaCreme can U spare 90 seconds to learn about #MojaveDolphins since U visited 11/6/14? (Tweet This!)
  • .@BenDeLaCreme despite whatever @TheMirageLV told U- this is not conservation, its exploitation #MojaveDolphins (Tweet This!)
  • .@BenDeLaCreme a day in the life of #MojaveDolphins Maverick who is covered in #DolphinPox #PoxVirus (Tweet This!)
  • .@BenDeLaCreme if U are still in town Sat, Join @VegasDolphins for a protest & learn more about #MojaveDolphins (Tweet This!)
  • .@BenDeLaCreme Mavericks #dolphinpox #poxvirus is only getting worse. Its from stress #MojaveDolphins need help!  (Tweet This!)
  • .@BenDeLaCreme don’t become captivated by captivity. No beauty in stolen freedom. #MojaveDolphins (Tweet This!)
  • .@BenDeLaCreme #EnoughIsEnough! visit & see how U can help 10 dolphins in DESERT! (Tweet This!)
  • .@BenDeLaCreme  10 dolphins in the MOJAVE desert. 2 from OCEAN, 3 from SEAWORLD! R u saying u support that?  (Tweet This!)

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