Month: August 2014

Edible Dolphins

With the annual cetacean slaughter just around the corner for Taiji, Japan- we would like to takefruit3 this time to share with you a dolphin safe edible recipe. Not a single dolphin was harmed in the making of this sweet treat! If you’re hosting a screening of The Cove, or Blackfish– these would be the perfect, eye catching centerpiece that everyone can enjoy. We had these at our own Japan Dolphin Day poster prep party and they were a big hit! You won’t believe how easy they are to create.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Bananas
  • Grapes
  • A knife/scissors
  • Lemon juice
  • Cloves/Chocolate chips/something for the eyes (You can even try grape stems!)
  • Serving tray

Easy to Follow Steps:

  1. Wash both the fruit and the bananas and dry gently
  2. Use your knife or pair of scissors to cut the mouth of the dolphin using the stem. This will create the “dolphin smile”.
  3. Next cut off the bottom of the banana, 1/4th of the way up.
  4. Take your cloves and push them into the banana to form eyes. Substitute cloves for whatever you feel necessary.
  5. Insert a grape into the dolphin smile if you choose.
  6. Brush lemon juice along the “smile” so it will not turn brown
  7. Stand the banana dolphins up in the serving tray among the grapes for a delicious, fun dish that will have your friends going “WOW!”


If you decide to make your own, feel free to share your photos with us on social media. We would love to see your creations! Have fun, and enjoy your “noms”!

Bringing O’Barry to Las Vegas.

Every year on September 1st, the annual small cetacean hunt and slaughter begins in Taiji, Japan. The Academy Award winning documentary The Cove highlights this brutal event. We would love to offer the people of Las Vegas a chance to open their eyes and make a difference.

mb3benwhiteFree the Mojave Dolphins have been working since May to put together an event for dolphins like Las Vegas has never seen before.  Our team has been in contact with Mr. Ric O’Barry himself, and he is ready to come out to the desert and let his voice be heard. We will be offering you a chance to meet and greet with the man who spearheaded the cetacean rights movement.

In order for this event to happen, we have to ask for some help. We are still a couple hundred dollars short. All money donated will be used on the venue and advertising the event. Free the Mojave Dolphins will not be making a profit. Any extra funds collected will be donated to Ric O’Barry and the Dolphin Project.

If you would like to donate to our cause and help bring Ric O’Barry to Las Vegas, we would really appreciate it. If you are unable to donate- do not feel bad! We completely understand. We feel very blessed to have received the help we have already. Here is the link:

Dolphin Pox Running Rampant

At the beginning of this week, an anonymous follower of our cause was able to get into Seaworld Orlando and photograph and ID several dolphins which are infected with pox. The whistleblower is quoted saying

I just got back from the park, got you a few pictures of some of the dolphins with pox. A lot of them at Cove have it, some really bad. Out of all of the ones I laid eyes on for sure, there were only a handful that I didn’t see any marks on. Can they contract that disease from each other? I saw a small spot on the juvenile female Haley. She is constantly pursued by an older male, Lagos, who is one that has the pox pretty bad. So I was just wondering how it spreads, if it’s contagious, etc.

I did not see any in Nursery that had it. But two, possibly three in the stadium (Baretta, Clyde, Marble) have it. I was not able to get great pictures of them but I got one that at least shows it on Baretta.

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Vegas Rock Dog Radio

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Last weekend we were invited to appear on Vegas Rock Dog Radio. It was quite the experience! We got to broadcast live to the entire world via a real radio studio. The both of us were extremely nervous going into it- but we left the station feeling accomplished and proud. We gave the 10 Mojave Dolphins a voice. People who had no idea that dolphins were even in the desert were now made aware of their plight. We are very thankful for the opportunity we were given and feel blessed to have made new connections with animal friends in the Las Vegas area.

If you missed out on the radio show and would like to give it a listen, click this link (.mp3!).

Please do not forget to check out Vegas Rock Dog Radio and listen to their next live show.