Breaking Ground on TBS “Ground Floor”

Breaking Ground on TBS “Ground Floor”

Has the Mojave Dolphins movement finally broken into the mainstream after 25 years?


Last night TBS aired an episode of their show Ground Floor titled “The Proposal – Part one (S2E09”). The episode stars Skylar Astin and Briga Heelan as Brody and Jenny respectively. It’s Brody’s birthday, and Jenny is trying to find the perfect gift. She is pointed to his old MySpace page which contains a list of things Brody had wanted to accomplish before he turned 30. The group will be in Vegas for a wedding, so Jenny decides to take Brody to the Mirage to swim with the dolphins.

The actual trip to the dolphin habitat is not shown on screen, nor is the facility or hotel mentioned by their name. When you see Jenny and Brody again, their conversation goes something like this:

Jenny: “I thought we were going to have luck swimming with the dolphins, but those dolphins just look too sad!”
Brody: “It’s almost like they don’t love living in the desert!”

Brody speaks the truth that we all have been shouting for over two decades. Dolphins do not belong swimming in concrete pools in the middle of the Mojave desert, hundreds of miles from their natural habitat.

This brilliant episode shows how far the movement for cetacean rights has come, and specifically the issue here in the Mojave desert. The dolphins have been suffering in this hotel for 25 years, and it has only been recently that the hotel has started to take notice to the shift in the public’s awareness on how they are treating these sentient creatures. All we need for this to be a successful breakthrough is one person to decide to not attend the Mirage Hotel and Casino due their treatment of dolphins.

The team here at MojaveDolphins.Com would like to thank the following people for their involvement in this scene and we apologize to anyone we may of missed: Bill Lawrence, Greg Malins, Eric Dean Seaton, David J Booth, Jason Belleville, Skylar Astin and Briga Heelan.

We have every reason to believe that someone on the team of Ground Floor has heard about our cause, and we are very thankful for the shout out on national television. We look forward to gaining the support of many more influential people in the future.

Please take the time to send a thank you note to the people involved in the making of the episode. Let them know how much it meant to you to see a show finally take a step in the right direction. Also, reminder, if you will be in Las Vegas on 2/28, our next protest is from 4:00 to 6:00 pm!

Mini Tweetsheet to Ground Floor cast & crew

Just click on the tweets & they will open up in a new window, already typed up for you. Just hit send!


Edible Dolphins

With the annual cetacean slaughter just around the corner for Taiji, Japan- we would like to takefruit3 this time to share with you a dolphin safe edible recipe. Not a single dolphin was harmed in the making of this sweet treat! If you’re hosting a screening of The Cove, orĀ Blackfish– these would be the perfect, eye catching centerpiece that everyone can enjoy. We had these at our own Japan Dolphin Day poster prep party and they were a big hit! You won’t believe how easy they are to create.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Bananas
  • Grapes
  • A knife/scissors
  • Lemon juice
  • Cloves/Chocolate chips/something for the eyes (You can even try grape stems!)
  • Serving tray

Easy to Follow Steps:

  1. Wash both the fruit and the bananas and dry gently
  2. Use your knife or pair of scissors to cut the mouth of the dolphin using the stem. This will create the “dolphin smile”.
  3. Next cut off the bottom of the banana, 1/4th of the way up.
  4. Take your cloves and push them into the banana to form eyes. Substitute cloves for whatever you feel necessary.
  5. Insert a grape into the dolphin smile if you choose.
  6. Brush lemon juice along the “smile” so it will not turn brown
  7. Stand the banana dolphins up in the serving tray among the grapes for a delicious, fun dish that will have your friends going “WOW!”


If you decide to make your own, feel free to share your photos with us on social media. We would love to see your creations! Have fun, and enjoy your “noms”!