Start a Local Campaign

How to start a local campaign: For a downloadable version to save, Click Here

Research The Facility

  • Get Facility Information
  • Address
  • When it opened
  • Who owns it
  • Contact information (emails, phone numbers, social media)

Inventory of Dolphins from Ceta Base

  • Go to the facility and take lots of photos
  • Try to distinguish each dolphin and where they are placed in the tank
  • Get pictures of any questionable situations.
  • Look out for aggression, neurotic behaviors like waiting at the gates, chewing gates, skin conditions, teeth conditions, rake marks..
  • Watermark your photographs
  • Get familiar with the Animal Welfare Act. The regulations can be found here and most of the relevant information can be found in “PART 3—STANDARDS,” Subparts A (general regulations) and E (marine mammal-specific regulations).
  • Go to the county permits office and take snapshots of the blueprints of the tanks.
  • Calculate the dimensions of the tanks and check if the facility is in compliance.
  • If anything is in question, file a complaint to the USDA (Example Here)

Start Up The Campaign

  • Create a Facebook Page/Twitter for your campaign (Example Here)
  • Be Careful to post only factual information
  • Post daily at the minimum
  • Utilize automatic Post feature but keep posts to once every 3 hours
  • Be sure to respond to questions and messages
  • Create a Petition asking the facility owners to retire the dolphins to a seaside sanctuary Petition Example Here
  • Create a Facility Information Brochure (Example Here)
  • Create a letter to the facility and post on Scribd for easy link access (Example Here)
  • Share campaign page, petition and letter on social media outlets with correct contact information

Network With Local Animal Welfare Groups

  • Find all animal welfare groups in your community and build relationships with key organizers.
  • Circus Protesters, Vegan/Vegi Groups/Animal Rescue/Political Groups that help animals
  • Attend their events
  • Spread awareness of your group
  • Offer to help them-they will be more inclined to return the favor when needed

Plan A Protest

  • Research First Amendment Laws in your state/city
  • Some cities require permits, so research and apply for the permits at least 30 days from the event
  • Create a Facebook Event Page (Example Here)
  • Expect about half of the RSVP’s to actually attend the event
  • Create a Flyer (Example Here)
  • Print out 100
  • Share the flyer and event page to social media outlets
  • Share flyer and event page with local animal welfare groups
  • Post flyers at College/University campuses
  • Check with School about getting the flyers pre-approved to post on campus
  • Print 300 Color Brochures to hand out at the rally
  • Print out 200 or so letters to the facility get signed at the rally
  • Bring a clipboard with a sign in sheet for attendees to sign in with email address for future events
  • Get whistles or any other noise makers to call attention to the rally
  • Plan a Poster Making Party a few weeks before the rally

How to Prepare a Press Release

Side Notes

  • Don’t expect immediate support-it takes time to get a dependable group of people together for events and help.
  • Plan a Protest once a quarter (around important facility dates ie. Opening Year, Dolphin Birthdays/Deaths)
  • Continue to document at the facility and share with social media
  • Once you have gained consistent local support, create additional web presence
  • Website using WordPress is the most economical and user friendly (Example Here)
  • Create automated Tweets to Media, Local Celebrities and anyone else you want to target your campaign to.
  • Use social media to your advantage. Create accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, and YouTube.

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