Ways To Get Involved

Please keep emailing the people in charge of the facility. Your messages are being heard. You can use this template or feel free to write your own letter. I cannot stress enough how important it is to remain cordial, polite, and professional.

David Blasko – Director of Animal Care – [email protected]
Jim Murren – MGM Resorts CEO – [email protected]
Yvette Monet – Head of MGM PR – [email protected]

  • Aces of Comedy campaign – Several big name comedians are performing at the Mirage this year. We would like for you to contact them on their social media accounts and let them know why you will not be able to attend any of their shows.
  • Boycott MGM Resorts International – We need to fight this battle using our wallets. Do not visit any of the MGM Resorts properties on your next vacation to Las Vegas.
  • Contact Local Media – This part of the campaign is absolutely vital to our success. People need to know about the conditions the dolphins are facing and why it is wrong.
  • Join Our Protests! – We hold several protests throughout the year. We are a friendly group who follows all rules. You will not be arrested, and your voice will be heard!
  • Important People to Tweet to – This list contains the twitter handles of people in the Las Vegas area who may be able to help us raise awareness and make change. Please be polite and factual in your messages.
  • Sign the Petitions – Signal boost and sign all of these petitions. We currently have 5 up, including one to prevent the Mirage from opening ANOTHER interactive aquatic habitat.
  • Travel Site Reviews – Leave reviews on travel sites so other people are aware of what happens at The Mirage. You would be surprised how many people have no idea these animals are out in the back in the heat.


Signing letters at Empty the Tanks 2014
Signing letters at Empty the Tanks 2014

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