November Protest

November Protest

Another month has passed, and Mirage has not made any major improvements for the PABLOEVENT2dolphins at the Mirage. We have chosen to protest on Saturday, November 8th from 3-5pm. We must continue to put pressure on the facility and let our presence be known. This is the first protest after Ric O’Barry visited, so it is very important that Mirage sees that we can still pull the numbers without him.

Our group always meets at the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and the northern entrance to the Mirage hotel. The tourists always come up to this section of the “lake” to take photographs, so try to stand in a long line back against the gate. The tourists will be forced to read our protest signs. If you want to stand by the protestlocationroad to attract the attention of the cars, please be careful to not step off the sidewalk, the buses come very close. We also must stay out of the way of the tourists and not block the foot traffic.

We will bring posters for people to hold, and brochures to pass out. It would help tremendously if you were able to print some brochures and bring them because we will run out of what we have.

A little history on this protest- On November 9th 1978, original Mojave Dolphin Banjo was captured from the wild. He passed away on October 12th 2004. He is father to Sage, Pablo, Rascal, Maverick, and HufNPuf. Pablo was born on November 13th 1996 to Duchess and Banjo. He was transferred to Gulf World on April 9th 2006 for breeding purposes (we received Lightning). Pablo passed away six months later on November 7th 2006.


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