Empty the Tanks global campaign


Free the Mojave Dolphins is proud to represent Las Vegas in the worldwide Empty the Tanks campaign since it’s inception in 2013. Stay tuned for updates on this years event… May 7th 2016… Book your hotels now!

“Marine entertainment parks have no place in our world anymore. These are incredibly social, intelligent beings that are being exploited to make money. It is animal slavery, and it needs to be brought to the general public’s attention.

Empty the Tanks is not a radical movement demanding the release of all captive marine mammals into the wild. Some of these animals might be great candidates for release, but those that are not should be retired into sea pens, where they can enjoy the rest of their days in natural seawater, feeling the waves of the ocean around them. They should not be worked until their last breath is taken and then thrown out like trash and replaced.” -EmptyTheTanks.Org

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