SteveO, Mirage & SeaWorld Are Connected!

SteveO, Mirage & SeaWorld Are Connected!

Steveo.JPGStunt performer Steve-o, known mostly for his time spent with “Jackass”, recently outed himself as the prankster activist who defaced the California highway sign for Seaworld Drive to read “Seaworld Sucks”. This stunt has drawn the eyes of many, and opened up the eyes to thousands more who would of never known about the issue otherwise. We thank Steve-o for risking his life and taking the time to speak out for the killer whales in captivity at Seaworld.

We would like to take this time to let Steve-o know about the conditions the dolphins are facing in Las Vegas. It was just last year he was in the city performing with Tom Green (not at an MGM property!) We don’t expect Steve-o to pull another stunt- we just hope he will also use his celebrity to become a voice for the Mojave Dolphins. They need all the help they can get. If more people are aware of the issues, we will be able to get the support of the public and get the dolphins better protection. A tweet by him will reach his million followers, and spark attention and interest.

We have created a list of tweets that you can use, but feel free to make up your own and use photos. Stay polite, factual, and respectful! It is the best way to get our message across.

Hey @SteveO, did U know @TheMirageLV holds 10 dolphins in the desert? How do U feel about that? #MojaveDolphins (Tweet This!)


.@SteveO, props for #SeaworldSucks! Can you speak out for #MojaveDolphins @TheMirageLV? Really could use Ur voice! (Tweet This)


Take the pledge @SteveO at MojaveDolphins.Com @TheMirageLV is in business w @Seaworld for breeding #SeaworldSucks (Tweet This!)


Maybe if someone big like U @SteveO speaks @TheMirageLV will fix #DolphinDeathPool chipping paint #MojaveDolphins (Tweet This!)


.@SteveO ever visited Vegas in summer? Can U believe @TheMirageLV won’t provide shade 4 working #MojaveDolphins? (Tweet This!)



.@SteveO #MojaveDolphins driven INSANE in Vegas @TheMirageLV waiting 24 years 4 some1 to help them. Will it be U??  (Tweet This!)


Pox appears @TheMirageLV after SW transfer. #SeaworldSucks 4 infecting #MojaveDolphins, right @SteveO? (Tweet This!)


Look into Mavericks eye @SteveO & visit MojaveDolphins.Com to join the fight for #MojaveDolphins trapped in Las Vegas (Tweet This!)


If you happen to be attending Steve-O’s tour, try to ask him about the dolphins in Las Vegas.

  • 9/27 – Joilet, IL
  • 10/3-4 – Toledo, OH
  • 10/9-12 – Lexington, KY
  • 10/16-19 – Louisville, KY
  • 10/23-25 – Knoxville, TN
  • 10/27 – Cullowhee, NC
  • 11/6-9 – West Vallet Vity, UT
  • 11/20-22 – Bloomington, IL

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