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World Animal Day Global March

marchh2On Saturday October 4th, animal rights activists from Las Vegas are gathering in front of the Mirage Hotel and Casino on the strip at 11am and then marching south to City Center and back to raise awareness for lions, elephants, and rhinos being poached daily. They request that all attendees try to wear red to stand out, and bring noise makers. There will be an official “After March Party” at Senor Frogs patio from 3-8pm where 15% of the parties proceeds will go back to DazzleAfrica.Org to prevent further poaching in South Luangwa, Zambia. Please follow their facebook event page for more information. If you will be in the area, please consider supporting them on the strip.

The protest in Las Vegas is only one of over 100 happening globally on World Animal Day. According to the official global website representing the march, more than 35,000 elephants are slaughtered every year for their ivory tusks, and a rhino is slaughtered every 9-11 hours for its horn.



Africa loses 4 elephants to poachers EVERY HOUR, EVERY DAY of the year. It is estimated that less than 300,000 survive today. Africa loses 3 rhinos to poachers EACH DAY; of the 5 species of rhino, less than 25,000 survive today.

With so few numbers left, and such a slow rate of reproduction, these two species are rapidly heading for extinction, unless we – ALL OF US – do something to ensure they survive.

These remarkable and highly intelligent animals are being cruelly slaughtered in the most inhumane ways, with poachers often hacking off their tusks or horns while they are still alive. The agony these helpless creatures endure, and – especially for elephants – the anguish for their surviving family members, is unimaginable. Elephants have close family bonds and rely on the elders of their group to lead and teach them; when these are killed, the herd is left devastated and shattered, and if babies lose their mother they often will not survive either.

The upsurge in the killing spree over the last 8 years has been driven by the demand for ivory and horn in Asian countries – China is the biggest consumer of ivory (70% of the world’s ivory ends up as trinkets for the Chinese middle class), and Vietnam is the main consumer of rhino horn.

The money made from the illicit trade in ivory and rhino horn supports terrorist organizations in Africa and fuels civil strife and instability. Wildlife crime is estimated at $20 billion per year. The problem has become a global one, as trans-national criminal networks and heavily armed poaching gangs coordinate the bloody chain – from killing the animals, to smuggling their body parts for export, to selling them in outlets all over the world.

Meanwhile the plains and forests of Africa and Asia grow silent and barren, devoid of their once abundant wildlife. –March for Elephants and Rhinos website

SteveO, Mirage & SeaWorld Are Connected!

Steveo.JPGStunt performer Steve-o, known mostly for his time spent with “Jackass”, recently outed himself as the prankster activist who defaced the California highway sign for Seaworld Drive to read “Seaworld Sucks”. This stunt has drawn the eyes of many, and opened up the eyes to thousands more who would of never known about the issue otherwise. We thank Steve-o for risking his life and taking the time to speak out for the killer whales in captivity at Seaworld.

We would like to take this time to let Steve-o know about the conditions the dolphins are facing in Las Vegas. It was just last year he was in the city performing with Tom Green (not at an MGM property!) We don’t expect Steve-o to pull another stunt- we just hope he will also use his celebrity to become a voice for the Mojave Dolphins. They need all the help they can get. If more people are aware of the issues, we will be able to get the support of the public and get the dolphins better protection. A tweet by him will reach his million followers, and spark attention and interest.

We have created a list of tweets that you can use, but feel free to make up your own and use photos. Stay polite, factual, and respectful! It is the best way to get our message across.

Hey @SteveO, did U know @TheMirageLV holds 10 dolphins in the desert? How do U feel about that? #MojaveDolphins (Tweet This!)


.@SteveO, props for #SeaworldSucks! Can you speak out for #MojaveDolphins @TheMirageLV? Really could use Ur voice! (Tweet This)


Take the pledge @SteveO at MojaveDolphins.Com @TheMirageLV is in business w @Seaworld for breeding #SeaworldSucks (Tweet This!)


Maybe if someone big like U @SteveO speaks @TheMirageLV will fix #DolphinDeathPool chipping paint #MojaveDolphins (Tweet This!)


.@SteveO ever visited Vegas in summer? Can U believe @TheMirageLV won’t provide shade 4 working #MojaveDolphins? (Tweet This!)



.@SteveO #MojaveDolphins driven INSANE in Vegas @TheMirageLV waiting 24 years 4 some1 to help them. Will it be U??  (Tweet This!)


Pox appears @TheMirageLV after SW transfer. #SeaworldSucks 4 infecting #MojaveDolphins, right @SteveO? (Tweet This!)


Look into Mavericks eye @SteveO & visit MojaveDolphins.Com to join the fight for #MojaveDolphins trapped in Las Vegas (Tweet This!)


If you happen to be attending Steve-O’s tour, try to ask him about the dolphins in Las Vegas.

  • 9/27 – Joilet, IL
  • 10/3-4 – Toledo, OH
  • 10/9-12 – Lexington, KY
  • 10/16-19 – Louisville, KY
  • 10/23-25 – Knoxville, TN
  • 10/27 – Cullowhee, NC
  • 11/6-9 – West Vallet Vity, UT
  • 11/20-22 – Bloomington, IL

#Tweet4Taiji – Red Cove Tweet Sheets

The annual hunt of small cetaceans in Taiji, Japan began a little over two weeks ago on Sept. 1st 2014. We were blessed with two straight weeks of “Cove Blue” – meaning that the dolphins were safe in the ocean, swimming free with their pods away from hunters grasp. The last 3 days have been “Cove Red” – dolphins were captured and slaughtered.

The first pod was captured on Sept 16th 2014 – a pod of Rissos. The next day, Sept 17th, more Rissos were driven and slaughtered, with a few being sent back to sea. The 18th… more Rissos! This is horrible news!

This needs to get global attention. Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your local news. There is a tweet sheet being passed around to activists to help get the word out for all 4 types of situations. Please lend your voice below:

Pod Driven Toward Cove – Use this page when a pod of dolphins is currently being driven towards to the killing cove.

Pod Trapped In Cove – Once the killers have netted the dolphins into the cove, start sending out these alerts.

Blood in the Water – I can’t even write about this without a heavy feeling in my heart. These tweets let media know that dolphins have now died in the waters of Taiji.

Pod Trapped Overnight – Dolphins will be trapped in the killing cove overnight, sometimes for days in a row. This adds even more stress to the dolphins.

The dolphins of Taiji are unable to use their voice to help themselves. These dolphins do not belong to Japan. They belong to the people of the world. We do not want anymore dolphins to be driven, sold into captivity, or slaughtered for human consumption. We must take it upon ourselves to educate the people and the media to this inhumane practice. Dolphins are going to die. Right now.

Reminder: We will be screening “The Cove” for free on Oct 2nd, 7:30pm in Las Vegas. Ric O’Barry from The Dolphin Project will be there to answer questions. Get all the details by clicking here!

Catch us LIVE on Fins and Fluke Radio 9/18!

Our lovely friends at Fins and Fluke have invited us to be a part of their environmental radio program, Fins and Fluke Radio. We will be representing the Mojave Dolphins live on the air tomorrow, September 18th, at 5:30pm eastern, 2:30pm pacific. The radio program takes place online, so no matter where you are, you are able to listen in. Help us spread the global message that dolphins do not belong in the middle of the Mojave desert!



Ariana Grande, do you still love dolphins?

5372511341_c292e2f3fdIt is undeniable that Ariana Grande is one of the biggest pop stars on the scene right now. In just under a year, she has released two albums that have debuted at #1. She has acted in two Nickelodeon television shows, and even performed on Broadway. Ariana is known as a celebrity that has a big devotion to her fans, spending time DMing them on twitter, sending inspirational messages, and generally trying to be a good role model. What most people might not know about her is that Ariana LOVES dolphins!

Last night, Ariana’s facebook page announced that she will performing a concert on Friday, Sept 19th at 1OAK club inside the Mirage hotel and casino. The very same hotel that has been enslaving dolphins for 24 years without even a simple shade structure to protect them from the sun that reaches temperatures of 117F in the summer.The very same hotel that is responsible for the dolphin swim-with program regulations to be put on hold.



ariana-grande-blackfish-tweetIt is possible that Ariana just has no idea about what is going on within the confines of this hotel. Even people in Las Vegas are oblivious to the fact that dolphins even live in the Mojave desert thanks to MGM resorts. Just last year, Ariana made a public statement denouncing SeaWorld and their use of cetaceans for captivity. Killer whales are just one type of dolphin. SeaWorld is tied to the Mirage because they have a “breeding loan” program, with 3 dolphins in Las Vegas arriving from SeaWorld. We also speculate the origin of the poxvirus to be the SeaWorld shipment of 2010.

Ariana has proven that she is a reachable celebrity with a willingness to change, and a love for animals (ps- she’s vegan!). We would like to take the time to reach out to her with a couple of tweets in hopes she may rethink her choice of a concert venue next week, or at the very least- see the dolphins for herself, in their pathetic small pool, covered with skin lesions, and use her very powerful voice to become an advocate for their better care.

Take the pledge @ArianaGrande at http://MojaveDolphins.Com  #MojaveDolphins #CaptivityKills No different than Seaworld (Tweet This!)


Plz @ArianaGrande don’t perform @TheMirageLV. 10 suffering dolphins in the desert! #mojavedolphins has more info! (Tweet This!)


Remember #Blackfish @ArianaGrande? @TheMirageLV does business w @SeaWorld. Please think about #MojaveDolphins! (Tweet This!)


Hi @ArianaGrande #MojaveDolphins are suffering in Vegas @TheMirageLV. Can U help them get better care? #poxvirus (Tweet This!)


.@ArianaGrande did U kno @TheMirageLV has dolphins & they are being driven insane? Watch this video:  #MojaveDolphins (Tweet This!)


#MojaveDolphins are frequently biting at the gates to escape @TheMirageLV @ArianaGrande will U be their voice? (Tweet This!)


News story on #MojaveDolphins suffering @TheMirageLV. U want to play there, @ArianaGrande?? (Tweet This!)


Look into #MojaveDolphins eye @ArianaGrande & ask yourself if you want to play @TheMirageLV  #poxvirus he’s maverick (Tweet This!)



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2934On August 31st 2014, MojaveDolphins hosted the annual global protest- Japan Dolphin Day for the second year in a row. This is a peaceful event that is used to bring awareness on the slaughter of small cetaceans that goes on for several months beginning on September 1st in Taiji, Japan each year. The dolphins are driven from the ocean, into the infamous cove where two things can happen: The beautiful young ones are selected for captivity, while the others are slaughtered for their mercury contaminated meat. Most protests are held at the local Japanese embassies, while others take to dolphinariums and crowded public spaces.


group4We had around 40 protesters braving heat of over 100 degrees gathered outside of the Mirage. Several traveled from California, Utah and Arizona to spread awareness about the plight of our ocean friends. Our signs were colorful and drew the gaze of the drunk tourists passing by. We were able to get 70 letters to the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) signed, along with passing out over 200 informational leaflets. This was a big step up from last year, where we only had 12 people.

NEWSOur biggest accomplishment though was gaining the attention of not one, but TWO local news outlets. The Las Vegas Sun reporter was very excited to cover the Japan Dolphin Day story and wrote the article- “Demonstrators protest dolphin captivity at the Mirage“. They captured some great photographs of our team members in action. KTNV Action 13 News‘s Jacqui Heinrich responded to the tweets we have been sending and came down for a story about the Mirage. She produced “Protesters rally to improve care for Mirage dolphins with skin disease“. Her article was also ran on the television at 11pm that night, and several times the next day, with a ticker all day long across the bottom of the screen.This is the first time in many years that the Mirage dolphin habitat has been put on display in local media in a negative light. We are making waves in this small desert town. We must continue to put pressure on this place. Please comment on the news articles with a small thank you for covering the story if you have time.

9It wasn’t just our event that saw a jump in success, but the entire event was one of the most successful ever. The official numbers are 95 events in 39 different countries around the world. With over 15,000 participants, SJD is amazed at the level of creativity activists are having. So please, pat yourself on the back. Whether you were able to attend an event or not, this is happening because people like YOU are sharing the information. If there was not an event in your area this year, think about creating your own next year. All it takes is one person. Liberate, then Celebrate: A New Era for Dolphin Compassion.

To view all of the photos from our event this year, please visit our facebook album.